Our Approach to Materiality

figure:Our Approach to Materiality

The Macromill Group has identified nine material issues as key priorities for achieving sustainable growth for both society and for our Group. To do this, we examined the foundation of our corporate activities and our impact on stakeholders. We also considered opportunities and risks in light of changes in the business environment.

As a company that supports the marketing activities of client companies, we will forge links between them, consumers, and society to drive innovation. This will provide a source of value creation through which we will help realize a better society.

To provide solutions to solve our clients’ marketing challenges, our most important asset is our talent. We will maintain and improve employee engagement so that our diverse workforce can fully exploit their abilities and thrive in their work.




1. Solving marketing issues

Outline Macromill Vision:
We aspire to be the driving force in helping our clients build data cultures by utilizing our data-native approach to solve today’s marketing challenges and support business success
Main Initiatives
  • Build relationships as marketing partners
  • Help to instill data-driven decision-making (building a Data Culture)
  • Pursue solutions and services aimed at solving social issues, including achieving a sustainable society

2. Creation of new value through data utilization

Outline Provide new value by helping to use data, amid increasing adoption not only in the field of marketing but also throughout business
Main Initiatives
  • Start and strengthen data utilization support (data consulting) business
  • Develop innovative data-driven services, including marketing activation support business

Related SDGs

  • Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure
  • Responsible Consumption and Production
  • Partnerships for the Goals

Consumer Research Panels


3. Find more accurate consumer insights

Outline Uncover accurate consumer insights using our strong relationships with our proprietary panels that represent consumers and deliver them to the world. In doing so, provide new value not only to client companies but also to society as a whole
Main Initiatives
  • Strengthen relationships with our proprietary panels. Expand data types
  • Explore, in our own research, market needs in terms of perceived appeal and value
  • Publish a wide range of research results, such as the Macromill Weekly Index and voluntary survey reports

4. Promote safe and secure data handling

Outline Obtain data only after building trusted relationships with members of our proprietary panels. Take responsibility for providing assurance and safety, which should be the highest priority in data utilization, thoroughly managing information and strengthening security
Main Initiatives
  • Provide appropriate explanations and permissions for our proprietary panels when obtaining data
  • Provide reliable data of the highest quality in the industry and pursue the best quality control methods to meet the needs of the times
  • Establish and comply with internal rules based on the Information Security Basic Policy

Related SDGs

  • Responsible Consumption and Production
  • Peace, Justice and Strong Institutions

Human Capital


5. Establishing a diverse working environment

Outline Create an environment that respects the individuality of employees and taps into their unique abilities, perspectives and experiences
Main Initiatives
  • Promotion of Diversity and Inclusion
  • Support for employees to help balance work and family care
  • Promotion of women’s greater participation

6. Provide an opportunity to challenge new possibilities

Outline Develop a workplace that enables flexible, independent career development and choice in response to changes in the environment
Main Initiatives
  • Implement training programs and skills development to enable employees to take on the challenge of growth opportunities
  • Encourage a diverse career path

7. Educating data-native talent

Outline Develop the talent to inherit the data know-how that Macromill has accumulated since our founding. These are the people who will provide value using a high level of expertise and advanced thinking for a wide variety of client companies
Main Initiatives
  • Implement professional development programs and training
  • Acquire talent through M&A and mid-career hires
  • Develop talent through industry-academia collaboration and partnerships

Related SDGs

  • Gender Equality
  • Decent Work and Economic Growth
  • Reduced Inequalities

Partner Companies


8. Open Innovation

Outline Work to use new digital technologies and solve increasingly complex marketing challenges. Accelerate innovation by building open partnerships and actively employing outside resources to fill gaps in in-house knowledge
Main Initiatives
  • Expand collaborations and partnerships
  • Create business ecosystems in collaboration with partners across a range of industries and business categories
  • Aggregate diverse ideas and technologies to create new markets and business models

Related SDGs

  • Partnerships for the Goals

All Stakeholders


9. Governance

Outline Amid dramatic social change, form a sound organizational culture and strengthen governance to enhance corporate value over the long term
Main Initiatives
  • Maintain and build an optimal governance structure
  • Ensure compliance with laws and regulations; promote compliance management
  • Promote risk management activities
  • Ensure fairness and transparency
  • Build an organizational structure with high ethical standards