Research can make the world better place

Goodmill is Macromill's social contribution program launced in 2018, based on our belief that we can use research to make the world a better place. We help address social issues through activities focusing on three pillars: marketing research and technical support for non-profit organizations; multi-faceted disaster support activities; and employee outreach activities.

Three Pillars of Activities

Research and technical support for non-profit organizations

Research and technical support
for non-profit organizations

  • Special free plans for “Questant” and “Mill Talk”
  • Conducting independent research in collaboration with non-profit organizations
  • Marketing research course for non-profit organizations
Multi-faceted disaster support activities

Multi-faceted disaster
support activities

  • Implementing Earthquake White Paper fixed-point disaster prevention survey
  • Dispatching support staff in the wake of a large-scale disaster
  • Supporting collection and analysis of local needs, extent of damage, and other information
Employee outreach activities

outreach activities

  • Lectures on social outreach
  • Hands-on participation in light social outreach activities

Support Examples

1. Special free plans offers for “Questant” and “Mill Talk”

With the self-service research services Macromill offers, “Questant” and “Mill Talk,” users can quickly visualize issues and test out hypotheses.

Services offered


“Questant” self-service survey tool

  • Free of charge for regular plans (annual payment)
Idea collection tool “Mill Talk”

Idea collection tool “Mill Talk”

  • CSV downloads twice a year (including features equivalent to the 100 displays below)
  • Display from 31 to 100 items four times a year

Eligible organizations

Specified Non-profit Organization (NPO), Certified Specified Non-profit Organization (Certified NPO)

2. Research support activities for NPOs

Macromill acts to support the efforts of NPOs to identify and resolve issues facing the communities they serve. We conduct fact-finding surveys on social issues in collaboration with the NPOs and outside organizations, harnessing our research know-how, research techniques, solutions, and other resources, which allows us to quantitatively visualize and verify the day-to-day issues felt in the communities.

Sample of survey reports provided

Sample of survey reports provided1 Sample of survey reports provided2 Sample of survey reports provided3