CEO Message / Our Approach

Leverage consumer research panels and Human Capital
to realize a sustainable society

Representative Executive Officer, CEO Toru Sasaki

Helping our client companies make “smarter decisions”
and achieving sustainable growth for society

The spread of mobile devices, digital media, and the development of technology has flooded society with goods and information. Consumer values are more diverse than ever.

How do we capture consumer insights and create markets? As companies implement their marketing activities, it is becoming more and more important for them to understand the increasingly diverse opinions of consumers. This process is essential for companies aiming to create new services.

Macromill has been helping client companies gain deeper and more accurate consumer insights through our research panels (“proprietary panels”), which we have been building since our foundation, and through one of Japan’s largest affiliated panel networks, which it has built up through M&A. The wide variety of marketing data we provide helps our clients create high-quality products and services that are in tune with consumer needs. Our work helps client companies make “smarter decisions”, which in turn delivers sustainable growth for them - and for society. In this way we contribute to our clients’ businesses, to consumers, and to society as a whole.

Using consumer research panels as a source of new value

With the consolidation of subsidiary Monitas, Inc., the affiliated panel network accessible via the Macromill Group now stands at roughly 36 million* people in Japan (of which our proprietary panels account for 1.3 million people), one of the country’s largest networks, and more than 130 million people including overseas panels. We have explicit permission from these panels to obtain and use their data.
Of these, data obtained from our proprietary panels spans a wide range of fields, including not only awareness data but also behavioral data such as purchase information, internet access logs, and location information, as well as biometric data such as blood and saliva.

We believe that our ability to obtain such a wide variety of data reflects our founding principle to improve data quality. We do this by building our proprietary panels and developing strong, trusted relationships. As laws and regulations to protect personal information become more stringent, we expect the value of our proprietary panels to increase.

Our proprietary and affiliated panels sustain the various business activities of our Group: obtaining consumer insights from our panels and delivering them to client companies; supporting the use of consumer data in our client’s business strategic planning; and directly supporting the marketing activities of client companies. The Group’s business activities, which are supported by our proprietary panels, aid consumers by helping to create a better society. In this way, we deliver sustainable social co-creation for both client companies and consumers.

  • As of August 2023, based on Macromill research. Total value indicating the combined number of surveys Macromill and Monitas can distribute (excluding Monitas portion previously included in Macromill’s domestic affiliated panel network).

Our people: the most important form of capital

The Group’s mission is “to provide services that truly satisfy and inspire our clients”. To achieve this, we need to be a diverse organization. We are developing an environment and culture where people from many backgrounds respect each other’s differences and are enriched by them. This environment and culture enhance individual and organizational capabilities and productivity.

For our employees, we will provide ample opportunities for growth such as training programs as we focus on developing the next generation of the Macromill Group. Our people have the“ data native” mindset that we have honed through years of handling data. This is a strength for the Group ̶ one that we will maximize to the full. Seeking to create an environment where employees can stay healthy and work for many years, we are taking steps to cultivate health awareness so that each employee can remain attuned to good health and keep physically and mentally fit.

The Group is in a transformational phase of pivoting its business model from a marketing research company to a professional marketing services company. Although the research business is our foundation, we are aggressively pursuing new data-driven business. We will continue to create new value while supporting our business by building proprietary market-leading consumer research panels and developing the talent and expertise of our employees. We will also continue to strengthen our business base by accelerating open innovation and strengthening governance.

Representative Executive Officer, CEO
Toru Sasaki

Our Approach

Macromill Group

Our Approach on the sustainability of the Macromill Group’s business activities is defined in the Group’s Mission, Vision, and Value. The Macromill Group will help clients make smarter decisions by providing services that satisfy and inspire them. In doing so, we will help realize a sustainable society. With a determination shared by every employee, we will perform corporate activities focusing on economic, social, and environmental harmony.


Our Mission is to create innovative data and insights that drive clients’ smarter decisions.
We focus on creating an environment where employees can maximize their potential while building a profitable and valuable company.


Build your Data Culture

We aspire to be the driving force in helping our clients build data cultures by utilizing our data-native approach to solve today’s marketing challenges and support business success.


Drawn from across the Macromill group, our Values showcase the core principles which drive every relationship and every interaction with our clients, employees, stakeholders, and society.

Think New, Think Deep
Act Now, Act Together
Be True, Be Open
Own It, Enjoy It