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Teruaki Kido

Teruaki Kido

Teruaki Kido
Executive Officer


I joined the Macromill Group for various reasons. Our focus is on people and every employee contributes to the success of our Group. And while success is often measured by financial figures only, I see success in a broader sense. Our Global Finance Team channels our investments and spending in the right areas. One of our investment areas is in in-house talent development.

Great customer service, technology and global panel innovation begins and ends with our people. So we are there to support from a Finance point of view. In summary, we focus on the right areas, monitor progress with measurable metrics/KPIs and communicate proactively between all team members to emphasize what's best for the business.


Teruaki Kido (‘TK’) worked for 11 years at General Electric since 2004, and experienced multiple finance manager roles in GE Capital and GE Healthcare. Prior to joining Macromill, he was a Finance Manager in GE Healthcare Asia Pacific. Prior to joining GE, TK worked for 11 years in the banking industry. TK has a bachelor degree of Engineering from Kyoto University, and Master of Business Administration from University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.